Gaming PCs to become DePIN contributors with this Web3 platform

Blockchain-based DePIN introduces background updates to streamline the user experience and optimize resource management
Blockchain-based DePIN introduces background updates to streamline the user experience and optimize resource management

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GAIMIN enhances the gaming experience by introducing a monetization platform that efficiently manages PC resources, increases earnings for gamers and prepares for future demands through scalable architecture.

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and the rise of decentralized technologies is creating new opportunities for user engagement and monetization. Traditional gaming platforms often box developers into fixed monetization routes like in-game advertisements or one-time purchases while keeping players only as customers of the economy. On top of that, the massive network of gaming computers sit idle in players’ rooms, leaving the potential contribution of this computing power untapped.

With blockchain technology, this dormant capacity can now be utilized, offering players new ways to earn and more control over their digital environments. The shift in monetization could democratize the gaming landscape, giving developers and gamers the power to customize and optimize their experiences in digital worlds.

DePIN monetization with blockchain technology

GAIMIN, a base layer for game developers, has launched the first phase of an upgrade to its decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) monetization platform, Gaimin Cloud. The update overhauls the platform’s architecture, enhancing GAIMIN’s ability to manage PCs participating in its network.

These background changes aim to boost the platform’s efficiency in managing device resources, increase monetization options and enhance rewards for gamers, all without altering the simplicity of the user experience.

Gaimin Cloud offers users a variety of features. Source: Gaimin Cloud

Gaimin Cloud offers users a variety of features. Source: Gaimin Cloud

The key innovation in the latest upgrade is the implementation of “virtual containers,” which enable the delivery of software specifically tailored to the unique specifications of each PC within the network.

Efficient use of computing power

Virtual containers minimize unnecessary data transfers and ensure updates are as efficient as possible by only transmitting relevant software components. This selective distribution reduces overhead and maximizes operational efficiency, leading to a more streamlined experience for the user.

The new architecture introduces a dynamic and agile framework that swiftly adapts to changing data processing demands. The framework quickly integrates new monetization services, thus expanding market reach, diversifying revenue streams and enabling rapid market response.

For gamers, the architectural change means a more tailored and efficient user experience. The system assesses each PC’s hardware to determine the most relevant software components, ensuring that each setup is optimized for performance. GAIMIN’s customization maximizes users’ earning potential by enabling quicker switching between processing jobs, making gaming downtime more profitable.

Adapting to new monetization needs in real-time

Furthermore, the new structure allows GAIMIN to plan future enhancements, such as the addition of central processing unit (CPU) processing, hard drive storage utilization and network bandwidth sharing. These developments are designed to expand the types of computational resources available for monetization, offering users increased rewards.

Gaimin’s new Monetization Engine offers a range of benefits to the Gaimin Cloud:

  • Resource efficiency: Advanced containerization techniques ensure optimal resource allocation for improving distributed data processing.
  • Broader monetization potential: By utilizing graphics processing unit (GPU) and CPU capabilities, as well as storage and bandwidth, the platform’s capacity for monetization is enhanced.
  • Customizable client solutions: The architecture allows for the easy creation and implementation of tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs.
  • Motivating incentivization: Attractive and clear reward structures encourage gamers to share their resources, bolstering the network’s capacity and reliability.
  • Prepared for growth: The updated framework is designed to support heavily distributed infrastructure requirements, anticipating future market demands and ensuring scalability.

The Monetization Engine simplifies how users interact with Gaimin Cloud, maintaining a “Web2” user experience that is familiar to gamers. Users get more control by choosing how and when their PC’s resources are utilized, with the flexibility to adjust their participation levels.

The adoption of decentralized technologies like Gaimin Cloud is poised to transform the gaming industry and Web3 landscape. By tapping into the unused computing power of gamers worldwide, the project empowers players with new monetization opportunities and enhances game performance and customization. Such advancements promise a future where gamers are integral stakeholders, potentially reshaping game development and community engagement in profound ways.

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