The stablecoin is now usable across the zkSync ecosystems, which consists of 180 DApps.

Critics allege that the firm unlocked its ARKM tokens ahead of schedule.

The Complex memecoin shut down just days after inception.

The stablecoin currently has a market cap of $190 million.

The stablecoin currently has a market cap of $190 million.

Many exchanges began providing insurance in the aftermath of FTX’s collapse.

The Donotfomoew (MOEW) memecoin currently has a market cap of $31 million.

Seven major central banks have signed on to BIS’ novel initiative.

The ERC-721C token standard was enabled by the Dencun upgrade.

Huang raised $40 million from the coin's presale just days earlier.

The malicious developer has since returned all funds after the incident was discovered.

The protocol currently has $103 million in total value locked.

Mirror World has onboarded 50 clients with its SDK thus far.

Investors cannot sell the tokens immediately after purchase.

The voting period will take place from April 2 to April 16.

JUP currently has a diluted market cap of $12.5 billion.

None of the complaints questioned the integrity of KuCoin in managing users’ assets.

The ETNs will only be available to professional investors for the time being.

Over 19,000 new SOL tokens were created last week.

Although a self-proclaimed white hat hacker tried to save $4.8 million in funds, the withdrawal led...