ZEBEDEE Announces Bitcoin Games Day With Guilds Wagering Platform

The event is set to introduce gamers from around the world to the bitcoin-rewards side of gaming.
The event is set to introduce gamers from around the world to the bitcoin-rewards side of gaming.

ZEBEDEE, a Bitcoin-powered payments processor for the gaming industry, in partnership with Guilds, a new skill-based wagering platform, is set to host Bitcoin Games Day, a gaming event with hundreds of USD worth of bitcoin prizes. The day-long event will be held on April 22, with gamers around the world competing. The event will include boosted rewards intended to invite the next slew of gamers into the rewarded gaming universe, the press release states. 

"Running a worldwide promotional event alongside a partner such as ZEBEDEE that has years of experience in rewarded gaming gives us a great opportunity to demonstrate the superiority of our business model for multiplayer PvP gaming in front of a wide audience," said Kabir Hemrajani, CEO and co-founder at Guilds. "With Hellfire Arena, our first game, players can enjoy an ad-free PvP experience and put their skills to work to earn real money, all within one global monetary network built around Bitcoin."

The event will be sponsored by ZEBEDEE, Guilds, Dubbz, THNDR Games, Geyser and several other Bitcoin gaming studios, developers and startups that want to bring Bitcoin rewarded gaming closer to the masses all over the world. The event will offer double rewards in games from its most high-profile partners, including Bitcoin Miner by Fumb, Braindoku by Murka and Coin Mahjong by Bear Hug Entertainment, as well as in its own SaruTobi and Lightning Crush mobile games.

"For many people, Bitcoin games have been their first contact with the global digital economy. With our tech and products that merge gaming and finance, we've been making that passage smooth, easy and, most of all, fun." said Ben Cousens, chief strategy officer at ZEBEDEE. "Now, after all this time, we feel it's time to throw a party to commemorate how far rewarded gaming with Bitcoin has come and look down the wide road towards its almost endless possibilities."

Gamers can register on the Hellfire Arena app to secure their welcome bonus of 1,000 sats and start practicing in daily tournaments leading up to Bitcoin Games Day. Games by other ZEBEDEE partners are also already available and discoverable within the ZEBEDEE app and require no upfront payment or entry fees to start playing. For more information on Bitcoin Games Day, visit bitcoingamesday.com.