Liquid staking platform on Ethereum boosts user accessibility

Liquid staking on Ethereum addresses the challenges of high entry requirements and lack of liquidity, enabling stakers to use their assets in other DeFi activities
Liquid staking on Ethereum addresses the challenges of high entry requirements and lack of liquidity, enabling stakers to use their assets in other DeFi activities

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Stader Labs enhances liquid staking on Ethereum by offering one-click ETH staking through the Ledger Live app, combining user-friendly features with increased staking rewards.

Staking on Ethereum poses several challenges to participants, ranging from high entry requirements to lacking liquidity. Ethereum staking requires users to lock up substantial amounts of Ether (ETH) and manage complex node operations, which can be a daunting task for those not well-versed in the technical aspects of blockchain maintenance. Such hurdles can deter smaller investors or people looking for more fluidity in their digital assets.

Additionally, these funds typically cannot be used for other decentralized finance (DeFi) activities once staked, further restricting tokenholders’ flexibility. Liquid staking has emerged as a solution, allowing users to stake their assets while retaining access to the staked assets for other uses. Thus, liquid staking merges the benefits of staking rewards with the versatility needed in dynamic DeFi environments. 

Enhancing user experience with one-click staking

Utilizing liquid staking, Stader Labs, a noncustodial smart contract-based liquid staking platform, aims to help users earn staking rewards while maintaining liquidity and offering access to DeFi opportunities. Stader Labs provides services across several major proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, BNB and Hedera, attracting over 100,000 stakers and managing a total value locked (TVL) of over $500 million.

Stader Labs’ liquid staking token, ETHx, is central to its strategy to keep Ethereum decentralized. ETHx functions as a cToken, which means its rewards are continuously compounded into the token’s price, streamlining the reward management process for users.

Stader Labs has partnered with Ledger to introduce a one-click ETH staking feature to improve the user experience. Ledger provides certified crypto asset hardware wallets that offer protection for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and XRP (XRP), without sacrificing usability or control.

By integrating the Ledger Live wallet app with a Ledger hardware wallet, users can securely execute transactions by validating them with their hardware wallet, ensuring optimal security. Ledger Live allows users to manage their portfolio, track their portfolio performance and conveniently buy, swap and stake crypto. This seamless combination of hardware and software enhances user experience while maintaining robust security measures.

The partnership between Stader and Ledger enables Ledger users to stake their ETH directly through the Ledger Live app, effectively combining ease of access with Stader’s security.

Stader provides increased staking rewards on Ledger compared to what’s usually offered in the DeFi space. ETHx users on Ledger have the opportunity to earn up to triple the standard staking reward for the first month and double it for two months, allowing Ledger users to stake ETH with enhanced rewards.

The partnership extends a fitting combo of security and rewards, offering an enhanced staking experience for Ethereum users. By integrating Stader’s ETHx with Ledger’s secure and user-friendly experience, the collaboration ensures users can stake ETH effortlessly while maintaining top-tier security. The seamless blend of accessibility and protection creates a rewarding staking opportunity for ETH holders.

Boasting over $30 million already staked by Ledger users through Stader, the partnership has been well-received, signaling an expansion of options for ETH holders using Ledger. Commenting on the partnership, Jean-Francois Rochet, vice president of consumer services at Ledger, shared his excitement about their collab with Stader Labs, saying:

“Pairing ease-of-use with security is paramount, particularly in the developing bull market, and we’re always looking to work with great partners like Stader Labs to bring enhanced offerings to Ledger users.”

Stader Labs co-founder and CEO Amitej Gajjala praised the new one-click ETH liquid staking feature, saying that it “brings the perfect blend of accessibility, security and rewards to stakers looking to grow their ETH while retaining the ability to participate in DeFi.” Gajjala also spoke about Stader’s future plans, stating:

“We are planning for bigger DeFi opportunities for ETH liquid stakers by collaborating with protocols like Aave and Compound. Given that ETHx would be live on layer 2 solutions, we are looking forward to more DeFi opportunities in that segment as well.”

Stader Labs’ partnership with Ledger reflects a broader DeFi trend toward creating more accessible, flexible and efficient financial tools. As such technologies evolve, they are poised to reshape the landscape of blockchain and the potential of digital assets.

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