How AI and no-code tools shape the future of blockchain: Interview with

This initiative merges AI with blockchain to enhance scalability, security and ease of use for a broad range of users
This initiative merges AI with blockchain to enhance scalability, security and ease of use for a broad range of users

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The enterprise blockchain ecosystem is experiencing rapid transformation, driven by advancements in scalability, security and user accessibility. is an enterprise crypto ecosystem that provides fintech solutions for over 1 million users via the app and licensing framework and white-label solutions to more than 50 banks, fintechs and startups worldwide via the company, thus bridging the gap between decentralized finance (DeFi) and TradFi.

In this interview, founder Vlad Gorbunov discussed the current state of the enterprise blockchain ecosystem and introduced Entropy, a layer-2 platform built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Cointelegraph: What is your take on the current state of the enterprise blockchain ecosystem?

Vlad Gorbunov: The enterprise blockchain ecosystem is incredibly dynamic right now. We’re seeing a major push toward scalability and security, with layer-2 solutions, like Entropy, taking the lead. These advancements are making blockchain more practical for businesses by enhancing transaction speeds and reducing costs.

The integration of AI is also a game-changer, driving more intelligent and automated processes. Additionally, technologies like account abstraction and built-in oracles are simplifying blockchain interactions, making it easier for users to engage with the technology using familiar devices like smartphones.

CT: How would you describe your layer-2 blockchain Entropy?

VG: Imagine a world where you don’t need to be a tech wizard to build powerful blockchain applications. That’s what Entropy offers. It’s a layer-2 blockchain platform built on Ethereum, designed to make creating sophisticated blockchain solutions as simple as drag-and-drop.



By integrating AI and providing real-world connectivity through built-in oracles and P-256 ECDSA support, we empower everyone from startups to large enterprises to innovate without the steep learning curve typically associated with blockchain technology. It’s all about making blockchain accessible to everyone, everywhere.

CT: What do you aim to introduce to the blockchain space with Entropy — could you walk us through its main features and advantages?

VG: With Entropy, we’re bringing a suite of groundbreaking features to the table. First, there’s our no-code development environment, which allows anyone to create smart contracts with ease. Then, we have AI-enhanced automation that takes care of complex decision-making processes. Our scalable layer-2 solutions ensure that transaction speeds are high and costs are low.

Plus, our AI model marketplace fosters innovation by letting developers share and monetize their creations. Additionally, Entropy’s real-world integration and support for account abstraction and P-256 ECDSA simplify blockchain interactions, making it more user-friendly and secure.

CT: How do you think the market would respond to the Entropy blockchain platform?

VG: We believe the market will embrace Entropy with open arms. Our platform addresses key pain points like high development costs and technical complexity, making blockchain more accessible and practical.

By simplifying the development process and integrating powerful AI tools, we enable a wider range of users to leverage blockchain technology, from tech-savvy developers to business professionals with little technical background. The comprehensive tokenomics system also ensures fair rewards for all participants, promoting a sustainable and collaborative environment.

CT: What inspired you to merge your wallet and the Vault white-label solution into a single Web3 ecosystem?

VG: The inspiration came from a desire to create a seamless and unified experience for our users. By merging the wallet with the Vault white-label solution, we provide a comprehensive suite of tools and services all in one place. This integration simplifies operations, enhances user experience and offers greater value to businesses and individuals alike. It’s about bringing everything you need into one cohesive ecosystem.

CT: What role will Entropy play in the ecosystem?

VG: Entropy will be the backbone of the ecosystem. It provides the robust infrastructure needed for secure, scalable and efficient blockchain transactions. With its AI and no-code capabilities, Entropy enables to deliver advanced blockchain solutions that are accessible to a broader audience, driving innovation and adoption. It’s all about making sophisticated technology easy and available for everyone.

CT: Do you have recent partnerships and integrations from both the DeFi and Web3 ecosystems?

VG: Absolutely! We’ve partnered with several leading projects in the DeFi and Web3 spaces to enhance our ecosystem. These partnerships are helping us integrate advanced AI models and expand our smart contract functionalities. We will reveal the partners in a joint announcement in a few weeks. By collaborating with these innovative projects, we’re able to offer our users a more comprehensive and versatile blockchain platform.

CT: What other significant developments can the crypto market expect from the project?

VG: There's a lot on the horizon for Entropy. We’re expanding our AI model marketplace, introducing more robust security and compliance features and rolling out new no-code tools for complex application development. Additionally, we have more partnerships and integrations in the pipeline, which will further enrich our ecosystem. The goal is to continuously innovate and provide our users with cutting-edge solutions.

CT: How do you envision the future of the intersection of blockchain and AI, and what part do you believe Entropy will play in that future?

VG: The fusion of blockchain and AI is set to revolutionize how we approach technology. I see a future where intelligent, autonomous systems run seamlessly on blockchain infrastructure. Entropy will be at the forefront of this revolution, providing the necessary tools and infrastructure for developing AI-driven blockchain applications.

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