Debit card with crypto integration: Unlocking everyday transaction utility

The complexity of converting cryptocurrencies to fiat and using them for daily transactions creates a barrier to broader adoption
The complexity of converting cryptocurrencies to fiat and using them for daily transactions creates a barrier to broader adoption


Renegade introduces a Visa card with integrated crypto features, aiming to seamlessly connect traditional banking with the crypto economy.

The complexity of converting crypto to fiat currencies and using digital assets for everyday payments stands as a primary deterrent for the average user. This gap between the digital and traditional financial realms poses challenges for those looking to leverage their crypto assets in the real world, limiting the utility of cryptocurrencies and hampering broader adoption as a viable payment method.

Emerging as a solution, physical cards with crypto features facilitate the seamless conversion of digital assets into fiat currency and enable their use in daily transactions.

Crypto-friendly Visa cards for daily utility

Renegade, an all-in-one financial services platform, has released Visa-backed physical cards that introduce an array of features to cryptocurrencies, bridging the gap between traditional banking and crypto. The crypto features include buying and selling, crypto swapping, storage and easy deposits and withdrawals.

Users can spend their crypto assets in everyday transactions with Renegade’s Visa cards. This functionality enhances the practical utility of crypto assets, fostering broader adoption.

Cointelegraph Accelerator participant Renegade’s IBAN accounts provide a solution for users looking to integrate their daily banking with the dynamic world of crypto. These accounts ease the cumbersome process of depositing and withdrawing funds through traditional crypto exchanges.

Unlike conventional crypto-related cards, Renegade's offering stands out with full-fledged IBAN accounts, ensuring users gain access to a comprehensive range of banking services while connecting digital currencies with conventional banking.

Total control with crypto noncustodial wallets

In response to the demand for security and control over crypto assets, Renegade offers a noncustodial wallet option, which enables users to manage and exchange their tokens independently. The importance of such autonomy has been underscored by incidents like the FTX collapse, where users faced significant losses due to the lack of direct control over their assets.

To accommodate diverse user preferences, Renegade provides the option of both custodial and noncustodial wallets, ensuring users can choose the level of control and security that best suits their needs.


Renegade offers users IBAN accounts with crypto integrations. Source: Renegade

The platform offers up to 8% rewards with its fully customizable reward card, where users can tailor their financial activities to suit their needs. Accepted globally, the Renegade card also supports mobile payments with integrations starting with Apple Pay, which goes live today, marking a huge milestone for the project. Google Pay integration will also follow shortly.

By engaging in activities such as staking the platform’s native token, RNG, or participating in unique squad missions, users accumulate Renegade Squad Points (RSP). These points can be exchanged for Reward Boosters.

Catering to diverse preferences and financial goals, Renegade has structured four distinct squad levels (akin to subscription tiers), each offering a tailored set of benefits and spending caps. Cardholders can access a broad spectrum of perks from over 100 companies, including Priority Pass for travel and exclusive advantages tied to the RNG token.

Emphasizing user experience as a $12 million program

Navigating cryptocurrency exchanges can often be intimidating for newcomers. Renegade places a strong emphasis on simplicity and accessibility in its design philosophy. The platform is crafted to prioritize user experience, boasting an intuitive interface that aims to ensure effortless navigation.

Daniel Strele, CEO and founder of Renegade, spoke about the company’s role in the ecosystem:

“At Renegade, we're bridging the worlds of centralized finance with decentralized finance, empowering users with the best of both worlds. Our platform combines the reliability of traditional finance with the innovation and accessibility of Web3, revolutionizing how people engage with money.”

Renegade’s card program launched successfully with thousands of users signed up and a transaction volume surpassing $12 million, with over 100,000 completed transactions since its inception. With the release of physical cards and Apple Pay, Renegade is moving forward with Google Pay integration and an innovative rewards system. The system will also see the introduction of a subscription model into the app. The noncustodial wallet is available for all Renegade users, with a token swap feature set to go live over the coming weeks. 


Users can order their Renegade physical cards on the Renegade app. Source: Renegade

The physical cards are now live in the app and over 30% of Renegade users have ordered theirs since the launch at the start of March. To obtain a physical card, users can download the Renegade app.

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