Innovative crypto exchange features debut at Token2049 in Dubai

Token2049 Dubai saw innovative approaches to blend social media and trading, highlighting the evolution of crypto into a comprehensive social ecosystem
Token2049 Dubai saw innovative approaches to blend social media and trading, highlighting the evolution of crypto into a comprehensive social ecosystem

Presented by Phemex

Token2049 Dubai hosted a dynamic gathering of more than 5,000 companies on April 18-19 at the iconic Madinat Jumeirah, showcasing the latest innovations in blockchain and crypto.

Among the prominent participants was Phemex, a global crypto derivatives exchange that actively engaged attendees with insightful sessions and discussions throughout the two-day event.

Phemex’s Bulls & Bears pre-party, held at the SLS Hotel on April 17, set the stage for Token2049 with an evening of insights and celebration despite the unforeseen weather conditions. The event kicked off with a glamorous red carpet walk, followed by opening remarks from the Phemex founder.

The evening featured a range of activities, including expert insights from prominent figures, such as Cointelegraph CEO Yana Prikhodchenko, who shared her perspective on the growing trends in crypto media. A panel discussion featuring well-known crypto pioneers further explored cutting-edge topics in the industry.

At the event, Stella Chan, the chief operating officer of Phemex and co-founder of Pulse, proudly introduced the holders of the Phemex BlackCard. She also offered valuable insights into the innovative features of Pulse and the newly launched Phemex Lending Protocol.

When asked about Pulse, the SocialFi platform launched in March, co-founder Stella Chan shared their plans: “Pulse shifts the paradigm from the tightly controlled and centralized framework of traditional social media to a user-empowered experience. It grants users the freedom to tailor their feeds and disseminate insights that are pertinent to the crypto community.”

“Pulse distinguishes itself by offering an unmatched rewards scheme, unlike any other social trading tool. The community has warmly embraced Pulse, and we actively incorporate their feedback to enhance the platform. Our goal is to reach 1 million active users on Pulse by the end of this year.”

Expanding beyond trading

At Token2049, Phemex had a booth that offered attendees the chance to participate in exclusive interviews and establish connections with the Phemex team. The event was a perfect moment for the Phemex team to unite with their valued community, nurturing personal relationships and enriching the networking experience that embodies the spirit of the event.

Phemex CEO Federico Variola gave a keynote speech as part of Token2049, where he addressed the expanding role of crypto beyond trading, highlighting its evolution into a complex social ecosystem, stating:

“More than ever, our industry has been evolving from building simple instruments of payment, payment rails or storages of value into developing a complex social ecosystem which now involves several different aspects of our online experience.”

He also emphasized the development of an on-chain identity shaped by activities such as collecting nonfungible tokens (NFTs), trading and participating in various protocols, which enrich the traditional online persona.

Amid the rising expectations from traders on having more control over their digital lives, Variola highlighted that Phemex is advancing its hybrid decentralized finance (DeFi) stack that merges on-chain experiences with the efficiency of centralized platforms. Initiatives include a lending protocol offering competitive rates and a proprietary automated market maker (AMM) protocol, which leverages the exchange’s trading volume to provide lucrative opportunities for liquidity providers without diluting token supply.

Variola concluded by reiterating Phemex’s commitment to its core exchange functions, with plans to continue listing new and popular tokens that capture emerging market narratives, from memes to artificial intelligence (AI).

As the bustling two-day event drew to a close, Cointelegraph caught a final glimpse of Phemex chief operating officer and Pulse co-founder Stella Chan. Amid an event brimming with networking, innovation and grand visions, Chan expressed unwavering confidence in Phemex’s dedication to turning Web3 innovations into reality.

“We’ve developed an entire Web3 ecosystem, committed to decentralization, launched our own token, and introduced a groundbreaking SocialFi tool — all within the past year — while continuing to offer a seamless trading experience to our traders worldwide,” stated Chan, adding:

“At the intersection of innovation and trading, we stand committed to delivering the best of Web3, ensuring that our users have front-row access to the cutting-edge of decentralized digital finance.”

Describing the future trajectory for Pulse, Chan reaffirmed their dedication to user satisfaction and growth. She also announced plans for expansion into new regions and signaled the upcoming release of new features.

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