CROSS THE AGES raises $3.5M in equity round led by Animoca Brands, and lists CTA Token on major exchanges

CROSS THE AGES (CTA), the sci-fi fantasy IP based multimedia gaming ecosystem, announced a $3.5 million equity round of funding, led by Animoca Brands
CROSS THE AGES (CTA), the sci-fi fantasy IP based multimedia gaming ecosystem, announced a $3.5 million equity round of funding, led by Animoca Brands

Marseille, France, May 15, 2024CROSS THE AGES (CTA), the sci-fi fantasy IP based multimedia gaming ecosystem, announced a $3.5 million equity round of funding, led by Animoca Brands. With additional investments from Sebastien Borget of The Sandbox and Nicolas Jeuffrain of Tenergie, this funding round builds upon $15 million raised from investors, totaling $23.5M in funding to date including community fundraising.

The funds raised are being announced alongside the ecosystem’s Token Generation Event (TGE), with exchanges such as Bybit, KuCoin, GATE and MEXC listing the token.

With this strategic investment, CROSS THE AGES is set to accelerate its many growth initiatives and build out the CTA universe and ecosystem. Since the release of its virtual trading card game in March 2023, CROSS THE AGES has garnered over 400k downloads and a 148k monthly active users community.

CROSS THE AGES has already established various notable partnerships: earlier this year, Ubisoft launched a crossover collaboration with CTA, integrating characters from its of Watch Dogs™ game series into the CTA trading card game; Hachette & Bragelonne, a leading Sci-Fi and Fantasy publisher, has published La Rune & le Code (English title: The Rune & the Code), the first volume of CTA’s seven-book saga; and both the Elixir gaming platform and the Web3 project Mon Protocol recently announced collaborations with CTA.

Yat Siu, the executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, said:

“Blockchain gaming is helping to drive a shift toward true digital ownership. CROSS THE AGES exemplifies this movement, enabling users to experience a virtual world founded upon personal ownership and based on a vibrant transmedia IP.”

Sami Chlagou, CEO and Co-founder of CROSS THE AGES, said:

“We are thrilled to welcome Animoca Brands as the lead investor in our first equity round. This collaboration signifies a shared commitment and a vote of confidence for CTA’s gaming universe to expand the IP amongst Animoca brands ecosystems and partners.”


Launched in 2020, CROSS THE AGES (CTA) is first and foremost an intellectual property (IP) forming a futuristic fantasy meets sci-fi epic narrative for a multimedia ecosystem. Leveraging blockchain technology, the CTA universe sets a new benchmark in innovative gaming, combining free-to-play and play-to-earn. The experiential ecosystem blends the virtual and real worlds, encompassing books, comics, gaming, esports, animation, collectibles, and an underlying gaming investment model to promote the transition to renewable energy in the real world. Already boasting partnerships with industry leaders like Ubisoft and Square Enix, CROSS THE AGES continues to push the boundaries of innovation in gaming and entertainment.

CTA has secured various prestigious investors and partners including Ubisoft, Square Enix, Animoca Brands, Mechanism Capital, Morningstar Ventures and others.

Since its creation, CTA has already met a number of important milestones:

  • First game in 2023: the CROSS THE AGES trading card game (TCG), a free-to-play game based on the CTA sci-fi/fantasy universe and IP, developed on Unity and available on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS since March 2023 (400k+ downloads and 148k monthly active users). The game has over 600 available cards illustrated by some of the world's greatest artists already working for Disney, Marvel, Game of Thrones and others.
  • First esports event in 2023: CTA brought together 3,000 of its early adopter fans in its first esports event in Marseille, demonstrating the strength of its engaged fan base.
  • First book in 2024: La rune & le code / The rune & the code, the first of the seven-book CROSS THE AGES epic saga based on the CTA IP, was published in France in April 2024. It is currently available in French, with adaptations in 10 other languages in progress.
  • First collaboration in 2024: a crossover collaboration with Ubisoft brought three series of Watch Dogs™ iconic characters to life within the CTA trading card game world of Artellium.

CTA has a busy transmedia roadmap of projects including comics, animation, books, collectibles and additional games. In 2024, CTA expects to launch the following:

  • Action game: Arise, a free-to-play multiplayer action-RPG game set in the CROSS THE AGES universe and developed on Unreal Engine 5, is planned for release at the end of 2024, with a focus on player collaboration.
  • Esports: the second edition of Heroes Legacy, the CROSS THE AGES flagship esports event, is planned for the end of 2024.
  • Trading card game: further updates, improvements in gameplay and releases in the CTA trading card game, making it even more user-friendly to all.
  • Book: the second volume of the seven-book CTA saga, is planned for release at year-end.
  • Cards: TCA plans to begin printing physical collectible cards this summer.

(Pictured above are Cross the Ages Founders Sami Chlagou and Richard Estève with the writers Fabrice Capizzano, Héloïse Brézillon, Pablo Servigne, Arnaud Dollen, Alain Damasio, and Norbert Merjagnan)

CROSS THE AGES is a complete and captivating Sci-Fi/Fantasy transmedia IP interconnecting the virtual and physical, where free-to-play meets play-and-earn in a universe leveraging blockchain technology and setting new benchmarks for innovation in gaming.

Animoca Brands, which led the current equity round, is a global leader in gamification and blockchain with a large portfolio of over 400 investments. Its mission is to advance digital property rights and decentralized projects to help build the open metaverse.

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